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LSU Department of Biological Sciences




Get a weekly dose of sea spray from Science and the Sea

Check out the current and forecasted weather for Baton Rouge.


The Southern California Swell Model, for the latent surfer in you.


Will I be able to surf in Louisiana? Maybe, maybe not.


Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, your friendly, non-profit source of fresh Third Coast marine invertebrates and fish.



Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood, by Ziheng Yang. Programs for phylogenetic analyses on DNA and protein sequence data.


Arlequin, by Laurent Excoffier and colleagues for population genetics data analyses.

MrBayes by John P. Huelsenbeck and Fredrik Ronquist is a program for Bayesian inference of phylogeny using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.

DnaSP Software de los Hermanos Rozas estimates several measures of DNA sequence variation within and between populations, as well as linkage disequilibrium, recombination, gene flow and gene conversion parameters.


National Center for Biotechnology Information

The DNA Sequencing Core at the University of Michigan has useful information on diagnosing poor DNA sequence reads and considerations when using a spectrophotometer to quantitate your DNA mini-preps.


Primer3 picks primers from your DNA sequence based on conditions you specify.


FishBase is a comprehensive taxonomic database and more for fishes of the world.


Ryan Gregory's Animal Genome Size Database is a comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data.


Webcutter identifies restriction enzyme sites in your sequence data.



The Wares Lab at Georgia studies marine biogeography, population genetics, and the coral holobiome.
The lab of Misha Matz at UT Austin sets the standard for releasing copious amounts of coral sequence data as they generate it. Cheers to them!
The Duffy Lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science: Ecology and evolution of marine animals and plants. Causes of speciation and maintenance of species diversity. The Cunningham Lab at Duke University: Molecular systematics and biogeography of marine organisms.
The Neigel Lab at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette: Dispersal and genetic population structure in marine invertebrates, phylogeography, conservation biology. The McDonald Lab at the University of Delaware: Adaptive evolution of proteins, molecular systematics of marine mussels, moustrap reduction.

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