Michael E. Hellberg: Molecular evolution, population genetics, speciation, and biogeography of marine animals.


Carlos Prada Montoya, Ph.D. student: Diversification of Caribbean gorgonians.
Melissa DeBiasse, Ph.D student. Cryptic speciation in Caribbean sponges.
Karine Posbic , Ph.D student. The Mediterranean invasion of Oculina corals.
Mark Duhon, Ph.D student. Evolution of shell proteins in bivalves.


Lab Alumni

Dr. Ron Eytan.  Systematics and inter-locus rate variation in fish. Ron is presently a post-doctoral research in Tom Near's Lab at Yale.


Dr. Alice Dennis.  The evolution of freeze tolerance in marsh snails (Melampus).  Alice is presently working on freeze tolerance in walking sticks with Thomas Buckley in Auckland.

Pat C. Arbour-Reily (S.B.C.), Former Research Associate.
Dr. Phillip Fenberg: Phil studied the effects of size-selective harvesting on the population biology and life history of the Owl limpet (Lottia gigantea) along the California coast.
Dr. Michael S. Taylor, Currently an Assistant Professor at Southeast Missouri State University. Mike used molecular genetics to explore systematic relationships and patterns of speciation in the Neotropical goby genus Elacatinus, found throughout the tropical western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans.


Dr. Iliana Baums, Currently an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University. In her thesis, Iliana used microsatellite markers to look at clonal population structure and geographic variation in the Caribbean elkhorn coral Acropora palmata. Her lab at PSU now collaborates with us on studying connectivity and isolation in Porites corals.


Dr. Sheri Dixon-Schully: Currently a Presidential Management Fellow at NIH's National Cancer Institute.


Dr. Tamara M. McGovern: Currently an Assistant Professor at Limestone College in South Carolina.  She's done post-doc stints at STRI and Friday Harbor (where she grew award-winning potatoes).


Jared Latiolais, M.S.: Phylogenetic analysis of shell morphology in strombid gastropods. Jared is now a Research Scientist at Bode Technology in northern Virginia.
Heidi Griffith: Heidi was an undergraduate student worker in our lab. She is currently at medical student at the University of Tennessee
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